3 Ways to Increase Business With A CRM

*CRM -Customer Relationship Management*

As an entrepreneur or business professional you recognize the importance of maintaining and increasing customers for maximum profitability. But do you take the necessary steps to cultivate those relationships? We all may be guilty of acquiring CRM software with the upmost intentions of utilizing it, but there it sits on our desktop collecting "dust" so to speak. *SIGH* Don't despair, here are 3 tips to remind you to implement that dust collecting software, and if you do not already have a CRM, to get one PRONTO!

1. CONNECTION - Customers are the CORE of your business. People desire to be remembered, nurtured, and given upmost attention. CRM's allow you to effortlessly input each customers unique information and status, so you can better tailor to their individual needs. Just a quick click and you can pull up all their past purchases, inquiries, contact info, etc... No more digging into the depths of your memory to try and remember just what that particular client was interested in! Talk about Stress RELIEF! Stay in the know and on the forefront of their minds with scheduled task reminders, communication preferences...Give a personal call on their Birthday - that will for sure make you stand out! In a competitive market, staying on the forefront of your customers mind is vital. For example, how many Real Estate Agents or Mortgage Lenders do you know? It is probably a handful or even 2. What makes you choose a particular one? Those are the very reasons that you need to think of when cultivating your customer relationships.

2.EFFICIENCY - CRMs are more often than not, an all in one software application. No more opening multiple tabs to keep all of your data current. Streamlining your software makes for better records, reliable input and time efficiency = PRODUCTIVITY! Can I get an AMEN! Having multiple applications can be very overwhelming and leave you feeling scattered. Usually when that occurs we have a tendency to "throw in the towel" and quit utilizing any of them efficiently or at all. *GASP* CRMs have amazing automation tools for sending out consistent communication, updating task lists, comparing data and creating marketing materials. Most applications integrate with social media marketing software seamlessly, which makes managing all those platforms manageable for a busy professional. You are also able to customize each individual customer to receive exactly the type of follow up they desire.

3. PROFITABILITY - Let's be honest, the name of the game is PROFIT! That can be measured in many different ways - Time, Money, Size of Network, just to name a few. Putting your CRM to work for YOU results in all of those things! When your past clients and new leads are no longer falling through the cracks, but actually staying active and even begin REFERRING more customers to you, that my friends, is a GAME CHANGER! Most CRMs have data analysis tools that aid you in staying on top of trends, statistics and the finances of your business. Having all of that at your fingertips allows you the knowledge to make accurate assessments of your network and what is working and what is not increasing profits. You may be the face of your business, but the customer is the core, and when the customers are nurtured Profits INCREASE!

So there you have it, the 3 REMINDERS of why a CRM is VITAL to the health and growth of your business. Take ACTION today and watch your business transform into a well oiled machine!

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