Take Control of Your Email Inbox in 3 Simple Steps

Are you ready to start your week with a clean slate instead of beginning your day checking those inboxes and feeling visually overwhelmed? You've come to the right place. I've got 3 simple steps to get you on your way to INBOX ZERO!

Maybe organization is not your jam, like it is mine, but I am pretty sure even you will find these steps pretty simple.

1. Before we start clearing out those messages, let's create a few (and just a few) places to store some of them. Pretty much every email provider has an option, usually on the left hand side of your screen, to create folders. Think of just a few categories that your most common emails fit in to and label those folders. Some examples could be: Current Projects, Archive, & Family. Or maybe it would be fitting for you to label them: Priority, Future Reference, & Just For Fun. You get the idea...and try to keep the folders to a minimum- I'l explain more on that in a bit.

2. Now that you have your folders set up it is time for what I like to call the "1 click rule". Once you open your email inbox and you click on a message you HAVE to do one of the following:


*File in a Folder or


Sounds pretty simple, right? Now the reason behind just a few folders is that you do not want to just be shifting the chaos from one place to another. You really do want to be taking action to clear out the clutter and truly get organized. Do not get lazy on this. If you take a few minutes to work through this appropriately now, it will save you time in the long run.

And while you are at it, if some of the messages you delete are from an automated email list that no longer interests you, take the moment to click unsuscribe.

3. One more quick tip - If at all possible, set some boundaries for yourself regarding how often you check that email inbox. If you find yourself constantly checking in and getting distracted by every incoming email, you may be using your time inefficiently. Instead, plan on checking your email at specific times throughout the day - 1st thing in the morning, before lunch, midafternoon, or whatever makes sense for your schedule.

*Once you've mastered these steps, check out features like automatic filtering, starring important messages, and fun additions like color coding.

Good Luck on Operation Inbox ZERO!

-Intrigued by this and would like some more help? Send me a message on the contact tab above. I would be happy to assist!

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