Why Partnering With A Remote Assistant Is Right For You!

Remote Assistant

Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Director of First Impressions, Secretary, Office Assistant, Girl Friday... the list of technical names goes on and on. Maybe this is a position that already exists within your business, or maybe it is a possibility that you have been contemplating implementing within your organization. But some concerns that go through your mind as you think about pursuing this could be, "Am I really busy enough to hire someone?", "How do I know this employee is going to perform the tasks assigned in a manner that is up to my standards?", "Is outsourcing these particular tasks going to be worth my investment?", "How on earth am I going to find the right fit for my personality?"

So you go to Google with these all important questions, start doing a little research done by others in your circumstance and you come across YET ANOTHER OPTION. Like, do you really have time to add to your seemingly daunting research?!? But, over and over again you come to realize that more and more entrepreneurs and executives are taking advantage of the Remote Assistant/Virtual Assistant opportunity. The more digging you do, the more you are wondering if this may be the solution to your situation. Telecommuting and remote positions are increasing by the day, and more and more corporations are taking advantage of it, since the vast majority of any business can be done virtually.

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Some situations may benefit from hiring a "face" of the business so to speak, but you may find more often that not, that this is not the case. Now that I've got you thinking about what it is that you really need, let's take a look at some of the perks of utilizing a remote assistant.

1. Contracted Workers. On more than one occasion I have been talking with someone and they mention they would like to hire an assistant, but they just do not think they could keep them busy all the time. Perfect, I say! Since they are contracted workers, most have their services structured in such a way to offer hourly fees, monthly packages, and one time project rates. They are also experts in their field and are able to suggest what options would be the best fit for you. No need to stress about always having work for them, just hire them for what you need, when you need it.

2. Efficiency. Everyone wants the most bang for their buck, am I right? $$ Well, remote assistants are generally time efficiency gurus. Fewer distractions at the "water cooler", less stressful working environment, no commute to wear them down, healthier food options at their fingertips, feeling in control of their productivity and just a higher sense of well being, all factor into their higher rate of productivity. Many are specialized within a certain niche, are super focused on the task at hand, have streamlined their working systems, which all adds up to only paying for condensed, quality work! Definitely a Win - Win for all involved!

3. Partner for Success. When you outsource to a remote assistant, you are no longer restricted by a certain geographic area and have more options to find the perfect fit for you. Taking the time to partner with someone who not only does quality work in your specified field, but who also finds tremendous value in increasing your success, makes the investment worth its weight in gold. Many remote assistants are operating their own LLC (or the like), versus just filling a 9-5 position that they feel no passion for. Therefore, they find great satisfaction in connecting with you and your core mission. They make it their goal to partner with you in your success. Quite simply put, "Your success is their success!"

Investing in your business by partnering with a Remote Assistant allows you the ability to focus on the core activities that impact your life and your business positively, and help prevent the "Burnout Syndrome"!

"One of the things we can do to avoid burning out is to become more effective delegators. At first, it's hard letting go, but trust me folks, once you start letting go of the steering wheel a little, you'll want to hire a full-time driver sooner or later!"

-Chris Ducker

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